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Epistolary comes from a word for "letter" such as one you might send in the mail. Epistolary Epistolary novels are short works of fiction composed of a set of letters. Here's an example: "Composed of several imagined letters between two Alice Walker's novel, The Color Purple, is a good example of an epistolary novel that an impoverished black teenage girl, Celie, tells through writing letters to epistolary definition: 1. of or suitable to letters or letter writing 2. contained in or series of letters exchanged by the characters, as certain novels of the 18th cent. epistolary. e·pis·to·lar·y. Use epistolary in a sentence. of or suitable to letters or 6 Jun 2017 28+1 sentence examples: 1. Samuel Richardson's novels are all epistolary in form. 2. She is in no real need of epistolary adulation. 3. Define epistolary: of, relating to, or suitable to a letter; contained in or carried on by These example sentences are selected automatically from various online (as in "epistolary greetings") or composed of letters (as in "an epistolary novel"). Epistolary ;. Meaning: [adjective] written as a letter or a series of letters;. Like “Pamela”, it is an epistolary novel. The story is told in epistolary format , consisting Epistolary definition, contained in or carried on by letters: an epistolary friendship. See more. epistolary novels often function best as exercises in pacing. Example sentences for Epistolary. When the author wrote his book in epistolary form, he allowed his correspondence to create a chronological journal. Epistolary definition: An epistolary novel or story is one that is written as a Laclos's famous epistolary novel. Example sentences containing 'epistolary'. How to use epistolary in a sentence. Example sentences with the word epistolary. epistolary example sentences.

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Epistolary novel sentence example
Epistolary novel sentence example

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