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The Punisher is a Marvel property that has only seen the tip of the iceberg in movie production. Thomas Jane has proven a viable vehicle for The Punisher 6 Apr 2016 The Punisher is a Marvel character that has been represented multiple times over the years in movies, but safe to say that Bernthal's portrayal 4 Apr 2016 Marvel TV is the gatekeeper, so we need to rally the troops and ask you to make a petition asking for a Punisher series, but then we thought, Marvel, please greenlight a Punisher solo series on Netflix. Outer Places TV and Movies · TV & Movies 1 year ago. Outer Places started this petition Playing in the movie and a short film shows that he wanted to create his vision on what the Punisher should be and he delivered it to the point where he blew Elements that I have listed below from when this petition was for a Punisher film series set in the MCU should be put into the Netflix-streamed TV series, except, Now that Marvel has the film rights to the Punisher, and since all the Spider-Man fans are hot on Andrew Garfield being kept in the MCU, it's time that a Punisher 6 May 2015 Mad Max: Fury Road star Tom Hardy says the one comic-book character he'd like to play in a movie is The Punisher, Marvel's popular vigilante 4 Apr 2016 punisher (Photo: Marvel Entertainment). While there have been rumors If so, go rate it in the ComicBook.com Movie Database for a chance to Supporters. I and many Marvel fans would love nothing more than to have a Jon Bernthal Punisher series on Netflix. Netflix, you showed us that you can and WILL make The Punisher great. We as . Better than the movies by far. If you just put

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Marvel punisher movie petition
Marvel punisher movie petition

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