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12 juil. 2016 Saryn est une warframe offensive avec un des DPS les plus monstrueux du jeu a l'heure actuelle. Elle a subi un rework depuis la sortie de sa In this guide, I will show you tips and tricks on how to play Saryn. You may or you may not know 22 Jul 2016 Recently , I just got a saryn and i wanted to try to do a saryn spore, but i have no idea how to play it nor building a perfect mod for her. So i try to 3 Mar 2016 This is the Saryn Prime build you want. With Regenerative Molt and making it almost essential. 2016-03-03 17_13_11-Warframe Builder. 17 Feb 2016 SalutSoumettez moi vos build car j'essaie plusieurs build et franchement je coince je trouve pas de bon build a me faire a 45min en T3 je fait 28 Jan 2017 Other guide used Lanka or Tonkor with gas build - i don't know, how this My go to saryn build is with regenerative molt, range and efficiency. 29 Apr 2017 I just came back to this game, bought Saryn's blueprint not knowing that I actually don't have the planet to get the parts from. Im just looking for I can use Mag and Nyx, but Saryn is kinda a odd one because I can't use her abilities Personally, my build is strictly survivability and miasma.

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Saryn warframe guide
Saryn warframe guide

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