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Owner: Social Zebras
Link: Self Esteem: The secret to success - Social Zebras Workshop

Limited Free Tickets: http://bit.ly/2dlW4Fk


Confident people rule the world. They live by their own terms and have control where others panic. Some say you are born with it, but we will show you that self-esteem is an important and learnable skill which creates a solid base for your work, your social contacts and nearly every other aspect of your life.

Join us on the journey of different Zebras through the mastering
of self-esteem and start to create your own impact on mankind.

What will you get?

This is YOUR chance to meet the Social Zebras and feel our drive to create. We will have an evening of presentations, brainstorming, food, relaxation, comedy and a lot of networking with exciting people. Only few will have the possibility to be part of this event in the heart of Bern. Don’t miss your chance and get one of the few limited free tickets, sign up now and invite your best friends to join you!

If you are lucky and get one of the rare tickets, you will get a day full of knowledge, insights, fun and connections.

We will hold the moderation and speeches in English but don’t worry, you don’t need to be perfectly fluent.

Don’t miss this chance and sign up NOW! See you on the 26th November.


Please be on time! You might have to wait outside if you are late until we can let you in on a break.

15:30 Doors open
16:00 Warmup Excercise
16:30 Presentations
17:30 Clustering & Masterminding
18:15 Vegan ApEro Riche
19:00 Standup Comedy
19:15 Cluster Presentations
20:00 Vulnerability Circle
20:30 Open-end Networking
22:00 Doors close


Freies Gymnasum Bern, Beaulieustrasse 55

Best to arrive with the Bus Nr. 11 to the stop “Brueckfeld”. Very limited parking spaces.

What past partipicants said about Zebra Workshops

“Inspiring, motivating and great to link with like-minded people.” – Anna Struth

“Best self-improvement club in Bern! Love your comfort zone challenges!” – Sophie Csaszar

“Thanks guys! a pretty amazing experience to join your group yesterday.
Amazing thing you’re running here. Highly inspiring, great stuff, great people.
An incredible energy! You’re awesome!” – Samuel Ryter

“I am delighted over the affable, open-minded spirit you guys have in your group!!
During the whole workshop there was this feeling of connection and honesty among us;
I couldn’t make out anyone standing separatedly somewhere, rather anybody was talking to anybody.
Thanks again for the the inspiration, the trust and the very hearty welcome I got from each of you xx” – Nicole Keller

Limited Free Tickets: http://bit.ly/2dlW4Fk
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Startzeitpunkt: 26.11.2016 14:30
Endzeitpunkt: 26.11.2016 21:00
Freies Gymnasium Bern
Bern, Beaulieustrasse 55

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