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un report on sri lanka 2016
unhrc resolution on sri lanka 2015
unhrc resolution on sri lanka 2017
geneva resolution in syria
report of the ohchr investigation on sri lanka (oisl)
unhrc sri lanka resolution
human rights council resolution 30/1
unhrc resolution on sri lanka 2015 pdf



27 Mar 2014 The Sri Lankan president, Mahinda Rajapaksa, rejected the UN resolution and said it hurt reconciliation efforts. Photograph: Buddhika 23 Mar 2017 The resolution on Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) was passed without a vote in Geneva today. The resolution 27 May 2009 (Geneva) - The United Nations Human Rights Council on May 27 passed a deeply flawed resolution on Sri Lanka that ignores calls for an 28 Sep 2015 The UN Human Rights Council Resolution on Sri Lanka is Tabled. This would be the fourth HRC resolution passed on the island nation since 2012. The Sri Lankan government has praised the resolution and it appears that the original idea of passing it by consensus will go ahead as planned. 3 Mar 2017 Even as Sri Lanka prepares to co-sponsor a UN resolution at the ongoing Human Rights Council session, seeking more time to fulfil its The United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva on Thursday adopted a consensus resolution on accountability for the alleged human rights violations during the Sri Lankan civil war. Sponsored by the U.S., the U.K. and other countries, including Sri Lanka, the resolution called In its resolution A/HRC/25/1 adopted in March 2014 on “Promoting reconciliation, accountability and human rights in Sri Lanka”, the United Nations Human 21 Mar 2013 The UN's Human Rights Council has passed a resolution highly critical of Sri Lanka's record. The resolution encourages Sri Lanka to conduct 1 Oct 2015 The United Nations Human Rights Council, composed of 47 “This resolution seeks to support Sri Lanka's path to a lasting peace built on a 23 Mar 2017 This UK statement was delivered during discussion of the resolution Council 34: UK Explanation of Voting on the Sri Lanka Resolution. From: UK Mission to the United Nations Geneva; Part of: UK Mission to the UN Geneva

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Un sri lanka resolution definition
Un sri lanka resolution definition

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