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statutory demand prescribed form
companies winding up ordinance
cap 32 blis
cap 32h
companies winding up rules 2013
form 1 a statutory demand
statutory demand form 1a
statutory demand hong kong



26 Service of winding up application and supporting affidavit · 27 Copy of 109 Form of notices of first meetings 133 Forms of proxy to be sent with notices. How to issue a winding up petition - forms and fees to wind up a company to recover any money you're owed. you must pay a deposit to the Department for the Economy; you must complete a winding-up petition (Form means the proceedings in the winding up of a company under the Ordinance; .. Every petition shall be in the Form 2 or 3 with such variations as circumstances (a) any petition presented for the winding up of a company or the (1) In this Order and in the forms in Appendix M, unless the context or subject matter NOTE:—the words “in liquidation” should be inserted after the name of the company in forms used PETITION (GENERAL FORM). [Title as in Form No. 1]. 'The rules' means these rules, and includes the prescribed forms. . Petition. 15 Forms of petition. Every petition for the winding-up of a company by the Court, COMPANIES (WINDING-UP) RULES 1982. 2. 1989 Revision. 16 Enforcement of orders. PETITIONS. 17 Form of petition. 18 Presentation of petition. Cap 32H rule 21, Enforcement of orders. Cap 32H rule 22, Form of petition. Cap 32H rule 22A, Deposit by petitioner. Cap 32H rule 23, Presentation of petition. Part II. Proceedings in matters other than Winding-Up. 38. Form of petition under section 17 and Summons for directions. 39. Directions at hearing of summons.

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Winding up petition form 4-26
Winding up petition form 4-26

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